The Best & Trusted USA & Other Online Casinos Review!

The Best & Trusted USA & Other Online Casinos Review!

Vegas2Web Warning

Vegas2Web Warning – Is it a Scam?


Vegas2Web Scam or Not

Hmmm… touchy topics aren’t these? Welcome to REALITY guys! I hate Hype and Sales pitches that try to get me joining a casino, I like the low downs & simple truth of what’s really out there! So don’t worry, you wouldn’t get any of that in this Vegas2Web Scam report.

vegas2web-casino It’s obvious you wouldn’t wana be caught up in a SCAM when you join an online casino! So being 100% sure of your casino choice before you commit is ideally what we’re looking at here at Vegas2Web USA Online Casino.

The sad truth is that whether we believe it or not, some issues do exist and happen to the best of us, if not as yet then in the future. If you’re in a hurry & still want to go ahead >>Check It Out Here <<


>> Visit Vegas2Web Official Site Here <<


Scams: It’s always Rosy at First

It’s all good and well at the initial stages of joining an online casino but it can get bitter as time goes on.  Let’s have a quick look at a typical process leading up to a SCAM that happened to me some time ago & can to you too…

After hunting around forums & blogs, finally a USA online casino that accepts US Players. All excited and welcomed warmly, we rush off to deposit and Walla…  it’s accepted in seconds! We fumble our way through the casino lobby and games area after claiming our bonus (or not if we’ve met their sneaky Ts & Cs) – that’s another story for another day. After hundreds of spins KA-CHING- finally… A BIG HIT! Whether it’s $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $50,000! You see $Dollar$ everywhere you turn, you see your debts paid off, a vacation etc etc. Of to Cashier we go to withdraw and that’s it… now only the wait. 3 Weeks later and you’re STILL waiting! We contact the helpdesk every single day for a status update & live to face their series of excuses and what we believe to be lame & plain lies!

Ever experienced that? You’re lucky if you haven’t.


Vegas2Web recent Withdrawal issues – SCAM?


 It has been reported that many Players did NOT receive their withdrawals for over a month, these withdrawals ranged from $100 to $10,000! Wow! Does this scare you? I mean all your hard-earned money spent at a casino and once lady luck finally finds you resulting in a fantastic withdrawal, you then don’t get your winnings! Player’s went frantic and what made it worse was the bitter taste of being totally helpless! Players became paranoid after a while thinking up any possible reason for not getting their funds. Some even thought the US legislation had something to do with them not receiving their funds.




Throughout the entire ordeal, Vegas2Web telephone lines, Live Chat & Mailboxes seemed always open to answering Players and keeping everyone updated. I’m certainly relieved that they didn’t disappear or shutdown! It’s apparent that they encountered an unreliable processor to an extent that although funds where released to be paid, it appeared held on the processors end. Without Vegas2Web being mindful of it, it suddenly surfaced when one by one these withdrawal queries increased. By this time, more withdrawals where already queued up and dispatched. This bottleneck now posed a huge threat on delayed payments!

Vegas2Web financial team was now to source another reliable processor. What added to the dilemma was the unpredictable climate of the US online gaming industry, a contributing factor to why there is a need to source various processors.  As a result Wire transfers are an option that the casino is weary of… If you noticed, Express Check payment which wasn’t a withdrawal method of the past has recently become one.

In fact the latest news or ‘rumor’ around is that Vegas2Web is so eager to jump onto this issue from now on in ensuring that they can sniff a problem in advance that they are even thinking of issuing bonuses or Free spins to Players who get back to them informing support of receiving withdrawals. This is just so that they can track the turn-around-time of withdrawal deliveries and proactively stop any future issues that inevitably may arise.


WHY does Vegas2Web see Withdrawals a seriously?


The fact is that if I won at a casino and I’m paid out efficiently, I see this as my good luck and winning casino to which I can return  to win more off J. That’s exactly how I’ve won and still win up until today, why change a formula if it works?

Inside Scoop:

My last chat with the finance manager at Vegas2Web painted a picture that as much as they cannot pay out a withdrawal as fast as a deposit is received [because of the process followed], they’d like to keep this continuous flow of funds and more so the level of trust & integrity!


Do Casinos even know Why We Gamble?


Let’s face it, although there are a number of people out there who may gamble just for the FUN of it, it takes money to have fun & a little cash in your pocket now and then just makes it all the more exciting doesn’t it.  To be honest, I needed cash and if you have debt going into thousands of dollars like I do, how will a $25 deposit help right? I’ve heard some Players saying: – ‘if what you hold in your hand cannot meet your need, then it is your seed!’  Haha! That’s kinda cheesy I know nevertheless has some truth to it! Sometimes a seed can bring a great harvest of wealthif multiplied. Well the word goes around that it’s quiet easy to win at Vegas2Web, I thought it was only my luck. Check this real review:

“….  I just wanted to tell you after reading your post about Vegas2Web,  I decided to check them out.   Very friendly, good CS, AND they gave me a $100 buck  free chip!!!.   So I know the WR is $3000 and I tore it’s ass up!!!  I had $400 and change by the time I made playthrough, can withdraw $200 after a $50 deposit,  no biggie.   So  it looks like I’ll actually get  paid from a freebie once I make a deposit.   Thanks for posting.” Website:…


I hear you ask – ‘Why Should I Listen to You then’?


Here things are done a bit differently! After telling you what affiliates are up to, what makes my site different? I am a Player myself… I have had awful experiences that cost me. And today I have chosen just one, yes just ONE of the thousands out there to recommend simply for the reasons & experiences I’ve had which are discussed below.

How do you know a casino operating in the US won’t just up and leave tomorrow? After all what foot can I as a Player stand on to claim my funds or winnings? The difference is that I’ve had a hearty chat a few times with the Financial Managers/Supervisors and these guys are committed to the US!

Let’s put it this way; if your livelihood depended on some thing – won’t you take extra precaution to guard it & make sure it lasts? Won’t you make sure you savor the elements that make it last? – treat it with royalty, integrity & honor with every opportunity you have to see its longevity? May sound cheesey but that’s kind of the story i got in brief! No jokes, no messing around.

The big guys around with multiple casinos can afford to throw away people like us or shutdown one area of business and still survive but not the guys that that it means everything to that work hard at it! DOWNLOAD Vegas2Web Online casinoand see for yourself if you’re not 100% happy with the level of service, bonuses and free offers when you contact support and chat to their friendly operators – Leonie, Kelly, Shalini just to mention a few I remember chatting with.

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Chemaryn Chemi – who has written posts on Chem's USA & All Online Casinos.


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